Why Partner for Deliveries?

The Best Courier Service for Your Business

The global pandemic has forced many of us to re-evaluate our purpose. Many have lost their businesses, many more their employment, resulting in many of us deciding to instead invest in our passion or skills to start our own small businesses. However, as one of those that lost ours and having to start again, we can tell you that running a small business takes more than just hiring employees and ensuring everyone is doing their job. There are lots of moving parts behind the scenes that others do not realize are necessary to build our businesses. A seemingly easy decision small businesses and start-ups must make, is how to handle deliveries in this age of contactless online shopping. Should someone in-house spend time away from the company to make deliveries? Should a courier service be used instead? If you are in the frozen goods or food business, then here are four ways your business will benefit from partnering with an owner operated frozen food courier service such as ourselves.

Courier Service Reduces Vehicle Expenses

Outsourcing, or as we prefer, partnering, your delivery and courier needs saves you money on vehicle expenses, and trust us, refrigerated vehicles are expensive to acquire and maintain. Items such as vehicle maintenance, vehicle repairs and fuel, freezer maintenance and repairs, most often, are not budgeted for or provisioned in your plan. You no longer must use your own or your company’s vehicles to manage deliveries. It is a cost savings that you will realize almost immediately with reduced fuel purchases, as well as into the long term by eliminating maintenance and repairs.

Courier Service Allows YOU to Focus on Your Core Competency

Using a courier allows you to focus on the core of your business — that is, what you do best – rather than worrying about deliveries, traffic and all of the stressors that come with managing your deliveries in-house and on your own. It also gives you reach, as your new business partner in Gauteng, we operate across the whole of the province.

Courier Service Saves you Money

Outsourcing to, or partnering with, a courier service such as ourselves for your business, saves you all the expenses and costs associated with using an employee for deliveries. This includes, but is not limited to, expenses such as: Payroll taxes, Overtime pay, Paid time off, Sick time, Stand-by Vehicles, Ability to deliver across the Province daily, not name but a few:

  • Garage or other facilities for vehicles stored at business premises;
  • Additional security features, such as immobilizers and tracking equipment;
  • Routine servicing and maintenance of vehicles;
  • Repairs for scratches, wear and tear (tires) or accident damage;
  • Fuel costs;
  • Cleaning;
  • Parking costs incurred for business use;
  • Toll charges incurred for business use;
  • Traffic fines;
  • Salaries and benefits for staff
  • Roadworthiness.

Courier Service Limits Risk and Liability

As a business owner, you already take on risk and liability in all areas of your business. By using a courier, you limit the risk and liability associated with accident claims, not meeting your deadlines, compared to using an in-house or staff member to handle deliveries.

Give us a call, we are here for you, and WE DELIVER.

COVID-19 Update

Blue Sage Distribution is operating as normal based on our current lock-down level. For official updates on COVID-19, please visit the SA Department of Health's website for updates at www.sacoronavirus.co.za.


  1. Contactless Delivery and/or Collection from us;
  2. Wear a mask;
  3. Wash your hands on a regular basis;
  4. Keep at least one and a half metre distance from others;
  5. Open windows in crowded places and in your vehicle;
  6. Do everything possible outdoors!
  7. Avoid crowded spaces;
  8. Be quick when you are out for necessary work or errands;
  9. Stay at home as far as possible - we deliver across the province of Gauteng.
SA Department of Health