Global Fuel Price Impact on Business


As a specialised courier service, our single biggest expense is diesel, and diesel has increased with over 37.9%, year on year. You can view the latest trend at Fuel SA ( Unfortunately, the impact of all the events in the northern hemisphere has become a reality for South Africa, consumers and small businesses, alike. Until the situation changes, the following PER STOP fee RATE CARD applies based on 50 PPM Diesel Forecourt Pricing (Inland):

Diesel Per Liter (Inland)STOP Fee
R 10.00 – R 12.50R 160.00
R 12.50 – R 15.00R 165.00
R 15.00 – R 17.50R 170.00
R 17.50 – R 20.00R 175.00
R 20.00 – R 22.50R 180.00
R 22.50 – R 25.00R 185.00
R 25.00 – R 27.50R 190.00
R 27.50 – R 30.00R 195.00
R 30.00 – R 32.50R 200.00
R 32.50 – R 35.00R 205.00
R 35.00 – R 37.50R 210.00
R 37.50 – R 40.00R 215.00
R 40.00 – R 42.50R 220.00
R 42.50 – R 45.00R 225.00
R 45.00 – R 47.50R 230.00
R 47.50 – R 50.00R 235.00

We thank you for your understanding and support regarding these current economic realities and uncertainties.

COVID-19 Update

Blue Sage Distribution is operating as normal based on our current lock-down level. For official updates on COVID-19, please visit the SA Department of Health's website for updates at


  1. Contactless Delivery and/or Collection from us;
  2. Wear a mask;
  3. Wash your hands on a regular basis;
  4. Keep at least one and a half metre distance from others;
  5. Open windows in crowded places and in your vehicle;
  6. Do everything possible outdoors!
  7. Avoid crowded spaces;
  8. Be quick when you are out for necessary work or errands;
  9. Stay at home as far as possible - we deliver across the province of Gauteng.
SA Department of Health