Blue Sage Frozen Food Courier Services is a small family-owned courier company that specialize in refrigerated courier services in Gauteng. Our trucks are temperature controlled, allowing us to offer sub-zero, refrigerated, fresh and frozen courier and Professional home delivery services in Gauteng. If you have need for a small food parcel courier services in Gauteng, we are your team! We operate daily within Gauteng Province. We have three (3) trucks fitted with sub-zero freezer units, each legally rated for 1200 kilograms of load. The freezers can operate from – 20 deg Celsius to zero deg Celsius, and are programmable. We also have overnight storage facilities, one can hold 1 ton of frozen goods, the other 2 tons of frozen goods. The 1 ton freezer operate at – 15 deg Celsius and the 2 ton freezer at – 30 deg Celsius. We also partner with Northern Cold Storage facilities in Cosmo City, Coldfeet in Deco Park and Chilleweni in Johannesburg South should you need more customized storage options. Our trucks are also fitted with 220v standby freezers units should the need arise.