Booking and Billing Examples

Thank you for choosing us! Below are a couple of scenarios to help explain how our rates will be applied to your request.

Freight Forwarding (Originating in Gauteng)

You need to ship something to Cape Town or Durban, and your freight forwarder does not offer small load collection (or delivery) facilities in Gauteng. You have booked your goods for forwarding with them, and have a Waybill number. You need 500 kilograms of frozen goods shipped (or delivered), which roughly constitute 25 boxes.

Single Load Pickup and Delivery (Dedicated)

You need the full load collected in Pretoria, and delivered to ORT. At ORT you require that the load be palletized. We will collect in the morning from you, and deliver to ORT thereafter. However, you require this as a same day service. We will therefore dedicate a truck to your requirement for the morning, and you will be liable for the Half Day Dedicated Service.

Multi-Load Pickup and Delivery (Shared Schedule)

You need your consignment picked from Pretoria, Brits and Krugersdorp, and then palletized at ORT at your freight forwarding company. You do not require this as a same day service, as long as your shipment reaches Cape Town by the end of the week. 10 boxes are collected in Pretoria, 5 boxes in Brits and 10 boxes in Krugersdorp. Based on our SHARED SCHEDULE, we will then schedule in the collections at the various points along our routes for you. You will be liable to a STOP FEE per COLLECTION, so in this 3 x STOP FEES. We will keep your goods safe overnight, and then deliver your total shipment to ORT the next day based on our SHARED SCHEDULE. You will only be liable for a SINGLE STOP fee at ORT. Your total bill will then be 4 x STOP FEES.

Multi-Load Pickup and Delivery (Dedicated)

The same scenario as above, but you need the shipment consolidated and palletized at ORT the same day for onward shipping. As the total route involves travelling more than 250 kilometres, you will be liable for the Full Day Dedicated Service Fee, as we will therefore dedicate a truck to your requirement for the whole day.

Freight Forwarding (Originating outside of Gauteng)

You are based in Cape Town, and want to ship orders to Gauteng. This is fantastic, and you have found the right partner to work with. You will be using a freight forwarding partner to consolidate and ship your goods from Cape Town to the East Rand (ORT or Jetpark). However, your freight forwarding partner does not provide for small load deliveries or deliveries to home in Gauteng. Your pallet contains frozen goods for 10 shops around Gauteng. You have two options available to you. Option 1 entails the collection of the full pallet the day it arrives, splitting it and delivering the goods the same day to your 10 shops. Option 2 entails collecting the pallet, splitting it at our premises and then delivering your goods based on our SHARED SCHEDULES. The costs associated with Option 1 will depend on total travel distance required, and Option 2, fixed as per our SHARED SCHEDULE rates.

Small Frozen Goods SHARED Loads within the Province

You started an online business, and require frozen goods courier services. Your typical orders are small (less than 20 kilograms per order), but you have many of these all over the province. You want to leverage our SHARED SCHEDULES to contain costs.

You are based in Central and Require Deliveries Across the Province

You are based in Gauteng Central, and you need 3 deliveries done on the East Rand, one in Pretoria (North Zone), and one Carletonville (West Zone). We will then schedule the pickup for your orders on the day we service the Central Zone, keep those orders safe overnight, and slot them into our SHARED SCHEDULE routes. The week you placed your service request with us, we serviced Pretoria on Tuesday and Thursday, East Rand on Wednesday and Friday, and Carletonville on Tuesday and Thursday. You asked us to collect on Tuesday. As a result, Pretoria and Carletonville will be scheduled into the Thursday routes for these zones, and the East Rand deliveries on the Wednesday. You will be liable for a SINGLE COLLECTION Fee for your orders, and then ONE STOP FEE per delivery. Your total bill will then be 6 x STOP FEES (1 to collect, 3 for East Rand, one for Pretoria and one for Carletonville).

You are based in Pretoria, and Require Deliveries Across the Province

Similar to above, but you are based in Pretoria. You have 3 deliveries for the East Rand, 5 for Central, and one for Carletonville (West Zone). We will then schedule the COLLECTION of the orders from you on the day we service Pretoria (North Zone) in that week, and re-deliver on your behalf from the next day onwards. In this example, let us assume that we service Pretoria (North Zone) on a Tuesday. This means that South and East Zones will be services on Wednesday and Friday, and for that week, West on Wednesday and Friday. We collect from you on Tuesday (Pretoria North Zone), and start the re-deliveries from Wednesday onwards. On Wednesday, all East and South Zones orders, as well as your Central orders, will be delivered. Your Carletonville (West Zone) order will then be delivered on Thursday. You will be liable for a COLLECTION FEE (Pretoria), 3 x STOP FEES in East RAND, 5 x STOP FEES in Central and 1 x STOP FEES for Carletonville. Your total bill will then be 10 x STOP FEES.

Of course this scenario apply to the whole province, we just use the example of you being based in Pretoria.

Dedicated Loads within the Province

You require 400 kilograms of frozen goods collected in Sasolburg, and delivered to Pretoria North as a same day service on a specific day of the week. As we are based in Randburg, there is a cost for travelling to Sasolburg, collect your shipment, and then delivering it to Pretoria North. As you requirement is less than 250 kilometers, and not really a full load, we charge you per kilometer for this service. The total trip will result in ~ 232 kilometers of travel, therefore R 9.64 x 232 km = R 2,236.48 for your shipment. Alternatively, you can contract us for a Half Day Service, and your total cost will be R 2,340.00. Please note that this does not apply to distribution centers. If you require delivery to distribution centers, please contact us for a quote.

COVID-19 Update

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  1. Contactless Delivery and/or Collection from us;
  2. Wear a mask;
  3. Wash your hands on a regular basis;
  4. Keep at least one and a half metre distance from others;
  5. Open windows in crowded places and in your vehicle;
  6. Do everything possible outdoors!
  7. Avoid crowded spaces;
  8. Be quick when you are out for necessary work or errands;
  9. Stay at home as far as possible - we deliver across the province of Gauteng.
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